• Nicole Baker

The Journey Continues...

If you read my last blog you will see that my dream and my journey started years ago. It however took me quite some time to take the leap and make what I was dreaming a reality. Even when I took the decision to make my dream come true, it took another 6 months to actually take the leap of faith and resign from the comfort of a large successful corporate and go on my own! Now going into the 3rd week of being the creator of my own destiny, I thought it would be useful to take you all on my journey with me! All the emotions that come along with it, the happiness of living your dream, the fear of leaving your comfort and not to mention the heartsore that comes along with thinking that you are not going to have your "work family" right there with you every day! I can however tell you, that with all this comes the joy of waking up in the morning knowing that today I will be able to take the time to help another person realize their dream! (What better than your own experience when helping out another beautiful soul.) In this short time, I have however come to realize that the relationships we build through all these years, the love that came along with having your colleagues, your "work family" by your side... they are all still there! The love and support still continues, just in a different setting! Don't for a minute think that the people from your past just disappear; those bonds and relationships become part of your present and your future, and it is truly beautiful to have that! Today I sit and feel my thoughts and emotions and know that there is so much to look forward to! I hope you will enjoy the journey with me and become and stay part of my "Tribe"! We need to share our dreams, our fears, our experiences and the emotions, both good and bad, which come with life. This way others will realize that when you take that scary leap, know that life will happen! It is all part of the journey! So don't hold back because of fear!

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