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Realizing your Life’s dream

Updated: Aug 18, 2020

For so many years I have dreamed of becoming a “Life Coach”. I have completed the courses, done motivational speaking and training! I know this is my “Gift” from above, the “thing” I have been given which my life should be based on, as it all just comes naturally! But for so many years I have feared taking the chance to live my passion, holding onto false security!

It took me years to learn to “Love Me”, and become “Completely Me”! and it is eventually time to live that dream and be who I am supposed to be!

I must tell you though, that in all this time I did not give up on my dream, I simply took it to a different place and believed I was still living who I am meant to be! I spend each day motivating my staff, my friends, my family! I coach them daily through tough decisions, through tough times and relationships. We even made life changes together, because what is better than having someone by your side doing it with you all the way; someone giving you that motivation and support and pushing you to just NEVER give up!

Let me tell you beautiful people…. We all have it in us to “realize” why we are put on this earth, we all have it in us to live our full potential, we just need to have the Drive and Motivation to make it happen.

My other blog is about Loving yourself… when this is done, once you have learned to love YOU, and you no longer allow that negative in your life and have the right people by your side, and only because you will no longer accept anything less; this is when you will achieve everything you are set out to achieve and these people… “Your Tribe” will make sure that they help you achieve nothing less than what you deserve!

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