• Nicole Baker

You have to Love You!

Updated: Aug 18, 2020

I spent so many years looking for something or someone to “Complete me”, and obviously had no joy or success in that task! Until one day it dawned on me…. All these statements made by the “gurus” are so perfectly correct! “You cannot be fulfilled or happy until you are happy with and love yourself!” – “You cannot expect anyone to love you, if you are not able to love yourself!” This is true at the end of the day, because you teach people how to treat you, and how in the world will you teach someone to love and respect you if you are not even doing it!

I had that empty feeling a person gets when you open your eyes in the morning, wondering how this day is going to turn out, poor me, my life sucks, why can’t I have what other people have? That all changed when I decided it was time to Love who I am and Love who the “Big Man” created!

There are so many factors involved in this journey and it is an eye-opening life changer! Besides the life changing part, you have to experience the excitement when you sit and take note of how your life changes for the better once you start implementing each step. It takes hard work and dedication, as does every task or relationship you take on, and want to be have it be successful!

My experience has helped me help so many other people make these changes and achieve what they never thought possible….

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